It is important to contact a dentist right away if you have tooth pain that is on-going or causing major discomfort. Though there are many reasons for tooth pain to occur, such as decay of a tooth, and injury, or an infection, there are varying degrees of seriousness – some tooth problems can be dealt with at home, while others will require immediate attention.

For example, momentary sensitivity to either hot and cold foods can likely be remedied by using sensitive teeth toothpaste, but an issue like sharp tooth pain when biting down can mean a cracked or loose filling, decay of the tooth, or even damage to the pulp tissue inside the tooth, all of which indicate that a dentist should be seen immediately.

However, there are many things to consider when looking for a new dentist when you have tooth pain: the facility itself and the equipment/technologies, the location of the office and the staff’s reputation, the professionalism and accreditations of the doctors and nurses.

Some of the expectations you should have and the qualifications of a general dentist should include an evaluation, diagnosis, prevention (or in some cases, treatment) of diseases and conditions pertaining to the oral cavity. You might also want to check and see which surgical or non-surgical procedures are available at the offices you are considering so that you have a full scope of which resources are at your disposal, especially when experiencing tooth pain.


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