When tooth decay is minor and the tooth can still be saved, seeing a dental fillings dentist can help to restore the damaged tooth back to its normal function and prevent teeth from decaying further. There are several different types of material that can be used to fill a tooth and which one to use will depend on how extensive the decay is, where the damaged tooth is in your mouth, and cost of the material, all of which are taken into consideration by your dental fillings dentist.

While being seen by a qualified and professional dental fillings dentist, there are several methods that can be used to determine whether or not you have tooth decay, these methods include: observation of discolored spots, cavity-detecting dye, x-rays, and laser fluorescence cavity detection aids. However, a cavity is not the only reason a patient might need a filling, a cracked or broken tooth, or teeth that have been worn down from grinding or nail biting, might also warrant the need for a filling.


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