Dental Traumatic Injuries Help 10010

When you have a dental emergency, you need to know where to go in order to find dental traumatic injuries help 10010. Finding help quickly may make the difference between being able to save a tooth or teeth, or not. Here are some tips about getting help after a traumatic dental situation.

Getting Help Right Away

When teeth are lost or damaged in some kind of incident, it is very important that a dentist or endodontist be seen quickly. An endodontist is a dentist that has received specialized training dealing with the insides of teeth.

The more traumatic injuries occur in car accidents or in sports injuries. These situations can result in many different kinds of dental problems, from chipped teeth to teeth that are completely knocked out.

Why Immediate Help Is Necessary

After an incident that involves a damaged or lost tooth, a dentist should be seen quickly. The reason for this is because neighboring teeth may also have been damaged, and this could lead to more lost or damaged teeth later on.

In the case of a lot of pain being associated with the injury, a dentist can help relieve it. This is true even if the injury occurs on a weekend or at night. Some of them will come in to help your emergency need.

Dental Work That May Be Needed

When seeing a dentist or endodontist after an emergency, the first thing they will do is to provide an examination. This is to check the status of other teeth and to determine the extent of the damage. Teeth may have been driven deeper into their socket, or become loose.

Teeth that have been cracked or split will likely need a root canal if it is serious, or if it extends to the root. This will prevent decay and will seal it against infection. In the event of a wider split, the tooth may need to be removed. A cap may be needed if the crown of the tooth has been chipped.

A Knocked Out Tooth

When a tooth has been completely knocked out, time is very important. The tooth needs to be preserved carefully and brought to a dentist quickly. If it is not replaced within so many hours, the tooth could be lost. When a dentist sees it, they will look it over for problems, and then likely replace it if not too much time has lapsed. Then a splint may be put on it to keep it in place until it heals and becomes permanent again. In the event of a chipped tooth, the chip may be re-bonded to the tooth if you have it.


Depending on the type of injury, x-rays may also be required. This is especially true if there was any unconsciousness or memory loss. This can reveal if there is any further damage to the jaw bone or problems with the teeth.

Getting to the dentist immediately to obtain dental traumatic injuries help 10010 is important to save a tooth if it has been knocked out. This is true even if it is put back in place, because it still may be lost.


Dental Traumatic Injuries Help 10010

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