A top veneers dentist can apply what are sometimes called porcelain veneers to the front surface of a patient’s teeth for a variety of fixes that range from cosmetic to procedural. In most cases veneers are used to improve your appearance and are routinely applied for things like discolored teeth from smoking, drinking coffee, or drug use, for teeth than are worn down, chipped, or broken, and for teeth that are uneven or misaligned including closing up teeth with large gaps between them.

If it is determined that you need or could benefit from having veneers, a top veneers dentist 10017 will bond what are thin shells made of resin composite materials or porcelain to the front of your teeth in an effort to change the shape, color, length, or size. During your consultation, you will discuss with your veneers dentist which material is best for you; the porcelain is the closest resemblance to natural teeth and are far more resistant of stains, while the veneers made of resin require less removal of tooth surface before being bonded.

If you have broken or chipped teeth make sure to get help right away, if left alone a lot of bacteria can form which will lead to more pain down the road.  The top veneers dentist 10017 can help with large gaps between your teeth so that you can smile and feel confidant.

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