A general dentist 10016 is one who will evaluate, diagnose, prevent and treat potential oral diseases, conditions, or disorders of the mouth. A general dentist 10016 deals primarily with nonsurgical treatments and is a doctor of dental medicine, or DMD, but in some cases dentists can provide surgery related procedures, which would be done by a doctor of dental surgery, or DDS, though both type of dentists have the same education.

A general dentist 10016 will act as a primary provider for you and family of all ages dental needs and care for your oral health, which is very important to your overall health. While the range of what services a general dentist 10016 can provide is extensive, it may be required to work with other dentists as well if a specialized dental procedure needs to be performed; for this reason, it isn’t uncommon to become associates or partners in a group practice with other dentists. Some general dentists 10016 own their own practice and are highly trained and educated on all dental procedures.

A general dentist 10016, according to the American Dental Association, is the best way to serve the public and maintain healthy oral hygiene through providing dentistry in the general sense of the practice. However, it is acknowledged as highly beneficial for a general dentist 10016 to undergo further education, research, and experience in a field of interest related to dentistry; a sub-category.


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